Project Summary


      The Center of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals, a department within the Belgrade-based Institute of Chemistry, technology and Metallurgy, is the only Serbian institution fully dedicated to research in the fields of microsystems and nanosystems. It is oriented to applied research of different solid-state sensors and detectors, microelectromechanical (MEMS) and microoptoelectromechanical (MOEMS) structures and nanostructures for a wide range of practical applications, including industry, environmental protection, health protection, etc.

      The Center covers all stages of a research cycle, starting from the fundamental theory, proceeding with simulation, micro- or nanofabrication and characterization and ending with a finished device. Our vision is to boost the Center into a regional center of excellence in sensor micro- and nanosystems, enabling it to fully integrate into the EU research, at the same time ensuring a sustainable growth of its research resources and wider coverage of topics. To this purpose a reinforcement of labs is necessary, continual improvement of knowledge base and skills through training and increased mobility of research personnel, networking and joint research with EU teams, but also enhancement of the Center's visibility through knowledge dissemination to both experts and the general public.

     The Center already possesses a number of advanced technologies and a large expertise and know-how in numerous fields of semiconductor science, planar technology including photolithography, chemical engineering, thin film technologies, micromachining and other procedures specific for microsystem and nanosystem technologies. In this moment the teams of the Center are engaged in a number of modern topics, including microcantilever-based nanosensors, cavity-enhanced optical detectors and novel sensors utilizing photonic band gap materials and electromagnetic metamaterials.