Management Structure

Chairman of the Board (Project coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Zoran Djurić (ICTM-CMTM) is the director of the ITN-SANU and full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. He successfully led about 50 national and international science projects with up to 80 researchers. His main fields of interest are micro- and nanosystem technologies, including MEMS and NEMS-based sensors, detectors and actuators and their building blocks. He published about 210 works, 50 of which in international science journals. Prof. Djuric is a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the chairman of the National Nanotechnology Council of Serbia.


Board Co-Chair

Dr. Zoran Jakšić (ICTM-CMTM) is a Principal Research Fellow/Full research Professor with the ICTM-CMTM and the science director of the Centre. His current interests are nanophotonics, including nanoplasmonics, NEMS and MEMS, infrared photodetectors and narrow band gap semiconductors. He published 230 peer-reviewed papers, 50 of which in international science journals, as well as 4 book chapters. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and a member of the OSA (Optical Society of America).


Board Co-Chair

Dr. Dana Vasiljević-Radović (ICTM-CMTM) received MSc and PhD degrees at the University of Belgrade in 1995, and 1997, respectively. Since 2003 she is with ICTM-IMTM employed as a full research professor. She is the director of the IHTM-CMTM. Her research interests include semiconductor physics, scanning probe microscopy, photoacoustic and photothermal spectroscopy and synthesis and characterization of electronic materials. Her publications include 94 scientific papers, among these 52 papers published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. She led several national projects and project tasks.

Board Member

Dr. Miloljub Smiljanić (ICTM-CMTM) is a Principal Research Fellow/Full Research Professor and a full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia. His fields of interest are silicon-based MEMS and microelectronic devices and the related technologies, including MEMS sensors, transmitters and photodetectors. He was the leader or participant of a number of international and large-scale national research and development projects. He published 120 works, 24 of which in international science journals. Dr. Smiljanić is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


Secretary of the project and board member

Dr. Jelena Buha (ICTM-CMTM) is a research fellow at the ICTM-CMTM since August 2008 and secretary of the REGMINA project. After obtaining PhD at Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, she has published 6 papers in international science journals. Her main fields of interest are nanoparticles synthesis and application, micro- and nanosystem technologies in general as well as the field of materials for energy.
International Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Androula Nassiopoulou, (IMEL) NCSR Demokritos - Athens, has been Director of the Institute of Microelectronics at NCSR Demokritos from August 1997 to the end of July 2009. Currently, she is Director of Research and Head of the Nanostructures for the Nanoelectronics, Photonics and Sensors Research group at IMEL. Since 1997 she is member of the Board of Management of NCSR Demokritos. She has been member of the Expert Advisory Group on Nanotechnology (NMP) of the EU 6th Framework Program in 2003-2005. She was the founder and currently is the chairperson of the Greek national scientific society “Micro & Nano”. She has been/is coordinating and participating in a large number of EU and national research projects. She is author or co-author of over 200 publications in international journals, reviews, books and proceedings and she has been granted 5 patents. She chaired or co-chaired several national and international conferences and symposia.


Prof. Dr. Laszlo Forro, (NN EPFL) is the director of Laboratory of nanostructures and novel materials at the Institute of physics of complex matter (at the EPFL) and a full time professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, with more than 5000 SCI citations. He is working in the fields of electronic, structural properties and synthesis of nanotubes, and nano-structured carbon materials (fullerenes like C60, carbon onions, carbon nanohorns), anorganic nanostructured materials, high temperature superconductivity (tunneling, resistivity measurements), mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and biological polymeric structures, design of instruments: high pressure electron spin resonance (ESR) cavity, high pressure anvil ESR cavity, AFM nanomanipulator, photonic force microscopy (PFM).

Prof. Dr. Bernd Michel, (MMCB) Fraunhofer Micro Materials Berlin-Chemnitz is the director of the Fraunhofer Micro Materials Center Berlin and Chemnitz, the chairman of several international conferences and the editor of several journals, including Springer's Journal of Microsystem Technologies. He published about 300 papers in refereed journals.

Prof. Dr. Michael J. Vellekoop, (ISAS) Technical University ISAS Vienna is the co-founded of Xensor Integration B.V., initiator of the physical chemosensors at the Delft University of Technology. He is a full professor at the Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria and the head of this institute. He authored or co-authored 150 publications in peer reviewed Journals and International Conferences.

Members of the first Advisory Board Meeting
     Prof. Dr. Bernd Michel and Prof. Dr. Michael J. Vellekoop were unable to attend first advisory board meeting, so instead of them Prof. Dr. Radivoje Popovic and Ivan Elmi took part.

Prof. Dr. Radivoje Popovic, (LMIS3) is professor for microtechnology systems at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. After obtaining his PhD, he was head of the CMOS department in Electronic Industry, Niš, Yugoslavia. For 11 years he worked for Landis & Gyr AG, Central R&D in Zug, Switzerland, where he was appointed vice president Central R&D in 1991. His current research interests include sensors for magnetic and optical signals, interface electronics, and noise phenomena. Dr. Popovic is author or co-author of about 250 publications and 95 patent applications. He is co-founder of start-up companies Sentron AG, Sentronis AD, Senis GmbH, Ametes AG, and Sensima Technology SA. He is member of Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and of Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Ivan Elmi, (CNR-IMM) graduated in Physics at the University of Bologna in 1998, discussing a thesis on characterization of Sensors for Benzene detection. Since April 1999, he is working as grant student at CNR – IMM Sez. di Bologna within the sensor and microsystem R&D program, primarily developing a system for environmental monitoring and characterizing gas sensors.