In the fourth project year, article about CMTM Centre and REGMINA project was published in International Innovation Journal. International Innovation Journal published by Research Media Ltd is the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities. International Innovation became a valuable partner in dissemination programme of the REGMINA project. During this dissemination activity we collaborated with the Editor Daniel Jopling from Research Media Ltd (http://www.research-europe.com/).

      Article gives review about Centre development history, main research areas investigated at the center and Center’s strategic position in Eastern Europe market for MEMS and NEMS. Article also gives review about REGMINA project; it states most important objectives of the project and its importance and contribution to the Centre’s development.

     The article consists of two parts published in the International Innovation Journal EuroFocus 2011 - Issue 3 in June 2011:

- “Micromanagement”, pp. 43

- “The next big thing”, pp. 44 - 45

Copies of the Journal were distributed to all of CMTM partners, project officers and stakeholders in the project (both hard copy by mail and soft copy in PDF by email).

      You can download a high-resolution PDF version of the article here. This editorial is also available to read via the digital magazine which can be accessed via the Research Media website: